Documentary Director

James Newton Documentary Director 


BBC 2 Filmed & Series Directed
Minnow Films 2015
Executive Producer Colin Barr, Ruth Kelly
Editer Rupert Houseman
3 x 60

Nominated for BAFTA Factual series 2016

Nominated for BAFTA Factual Director 2016

Nominated for Royal Television Society Award
Factual Series 2016

Nominated for Royal Television Society Award
Craft in Photography

Nominated for Royal Television Society Award
Craft in Editing

Nominated for The Grierson trust Awards Best  Factual Series 2016

This briliantly filmed documentary left a deep impression.
These are horrifying crimes, Investigated in stark urban settings by blank-faced detectives, but the whole is elevated to art by director James Newton’s camerawork and Richard Spiller’s spine-tingling score

This ambitious series features one high-profile historic sexual abuse case that is spread across all three films, Starting with the investigation in episode one, the interrogation in episode two, and finishing with the trial in episode three. Operation Canute is an investigation into a friend of Jimmy Saville, Manchester DJ Ray Teret, accused of a string of sex offences against schoolgirls in the 60’s and 70’s.  Led by unflappable DS Carol Barlow, one of the force’s most experienced detectives, and hard-boiled DC Rod Carter, whose background is in gang crime, we go behind the headlines to see what it takes to crack a case when the crimes were committed more than 30 years ago. 


Filming a principled and humane documentary about police work and then editing it to the point that it becomes every bit as taut as the most gripping of dramas is this excellent series about Greater Manchester Police’s specialist sexual offences unit manages to be tense and tasteful