Documentary Director


James Newton is a director who makes bold and distinctive films.

With two BAFTA nominations in 2016 (Best Factual Series, and Television Craft, Director - Factual), his film, The Detectives was described as “brilliant”, by The Independent, “essential viewing”, by The Guardian, and “brilliantly filmed”, by The Telegraph. 

His talent and passion for documentary cinematography was first recognised with a Kodak commercials award in 2006. And, after winning a David Lean scholarship, James graduated from the National Film and Television School in 2007 with an MA in Documentary. 

James has an individual style, shooting unpredictable observational scenes using prime lenses. It’s a method that more established documentary DOPs find too challenging, preferring to stick to a zoom lens. The result is a cinematic, filmic look that is more akin to feature films or drama.  His natural photographic eye and bold directing style have brought a much-needed cinematic injection back into observational documentary making.