Documentary Director
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Channel 5 Brain Hospital: Saving Lives , Dir James Newton 

Brain Hospital: SAVING LIVES

Channel 5 Filmed & Directed
Rare Day Films, 2013
Executive Producer: Peter Dale
4 x 60 min

Documentary following patients undergoing surgery at Liverpool's Walton Centre, which is the only specialist neuroscience NHS Trust. The first episode features Ben, who was hit by a car and is in a coma, and 26-year-old Joy, who must stay awake for the removal of a brain tumour. Kelsey, 21, is having her epilepsy treated with deep-brain stimulation, a radical procedure in which electrodes are inserted into the brain to try to control it.

I'm very proud of this series. The people we filmed were truly incredible. Clare Richards, the other directer on the series and I decided that we wanted the film to have an filmic look. So we filmed with an Letus 35mm adapter on Canon 305 only using prime lenses which was hard work. But we were very pleased with the results.